Thursday, June 25, 2009

Warren Buffer Power Lunch

Want to have a great lunch together with Warren Buffer, now can go to eBay and bid for it, at the time of writting, the bid is worth USD300,500. Great, maybe we can not affort to bid for this one, but we can still learn from him through his past experience.

Warren say he had yet to see the light in the tunnel, many of the stock bought by his company Berkshire Hattaway still remain around or below entry price. Those who follow Buffer's buying pattern, could be still suffer a big lost right now.

The ConocoPhilips bought by Berkshire Hathaway with average price of USD82.55. Now the price around USD41.

For Johnson & Johnson, the average brought price was USD62, now the market price is around USD55.

He also invested Kraft Foods with average price of USD33, now the price is USD25.

Of course, there are many others prefer stocks we may not have the chance to buy, but the above stocks are good enough for a layman to set a good example as investment portfolio should we ask if now is too late for one to buy a stock after the strong rally since Mar 2009. After all, we are trading with Mr Market, since the rally, some of stock may not look cheap anymore, so be carefull with the bid price offer by Mr Market, just ignore him if the price too expensive.

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