Friday, June 17, 2011

Why I like to play Monopoly?

Playing Monopoly is fun, I think one will doing good in stock market if understand the meaning of the game.  Start with 10 thousand, one may end up become very rich or bankrupt. Each time, when past the “Go Starting Point” the player can collect some money, I call it monthly salary. 
So, how to become rich in this game? By collecting “monthly salary”? No. The purpose of the game is to generate passive income with the “Asset” that can collect “rental” or “income” when you upgrade it. But, the “Asset” can not be bought, it need to wait for opportunities. We may not know when opportunities will come, hence some extra money on standby basis is very important. 
When it's you turn, you need to move or take action but the outcome is depend on luck and opportunities. Some time you exchange or trade with other user certain “asset”. The purpose is try to keep the best Asset that you feel good to generate the passive income. The priority here is passive income instead of capital gain.
Similar in life, most of us start with salary income, each month collect some hard earn money. We start to invest certain “Asset” that can generate regular passive income. These assets can be properties or shares. Beside protection against inflation, properties can generate regular rental income as well. We can opts to buy physical properties or REIT in stock market. Stock market provide a very good plat form for all investors to sell or buy the company in the form of shares. This is a convenience way, as one no need to trade the whole company. The only problem is you need to choose the good asset so that the asset can be hold for long term and will not go burst. (never buy the bad asset – the company's with negative earning)
We have option to choose, buy, sell, wait or ignore the price on Stock Market that offer to us every day, hence luck is at our side. We see so many people like to trade the 'asset' and thinking of able to generate some capital gain. This is the beauty of stock market, it create opportunities for one to buy the “good asset” and sell the “bad asset”. If you still think the only way of making money is stock market is “buy low and sell high”,  you may not understand the meaning of investment and concept.
Of course, “buy low and sell high” is everybody intention to make money in stock market. Sometime I do that as well. I always remind myself the concept of investing, “buy good asset, dispose bad asset”, never buy any 'bad asset” no matter how cheap the price, as it's the value that we are looking for instead of price that somebody willing to pay. If I were to sell one stock, the reason should be one of the below:
1. the stock is too high in price versus it's value
2. or it already turn bad, or 
3. I have discover another better asset, hence would like to exchange it. 
You can not find below in the game: 
Advantage of waiting, wait for opportunities to come. Once a while, “cheap sales” will come, everyone turn panic, through the shares like no tomorrow. This is the time to collect the “good asset” in cheap price. Then time is your friend, let the compound interest doing the job - a simple 7% will double your money in every 10 years. What if you obtain 14%? It would double your money in every 5 years.
Last if you ask me why play Monopoly, the reason could be passing time, may be tried to keep on remind the meaning of life, enjoy the walk through process. It's very similar to journey of life, once you know the meaning, you will appreciate and enjoy what you are doing everyday.

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