Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back to basic - Invest in a business

Nothing is so hot! ... Apple, everyone is talking about it right now, because of iPhone and iPad sold like hot cake! That's why the share price jump to history record, close at US390! Many analysis give the target price range from $480 to $525, do you think it's a good buy?

You can find the answer by referring to 3 basic financial reports. How you know if a company is making money? Just look at the Income Statement or sometime we call it Profit and Loss Statement. The top part is Revenue and Expenses. Well the most important data is profit... Yes, the profit is real, without profit, the rest no need to see, not even think about buying the stock.

Want to know how much the Asset? Just look at Balance Sheet. Why call this Balance Sheet? Because you always find this report Asset = Liability, balance at both side. As a share holders, the company actually borrow money from you, but the company no need to return it. That's why the formula look like this:
Asset = Liability + Equity 

Sometime Equity we also call it Share Holder's Fund. If the company borrow money from the bank, it need to pay interest, but if it borrow from Share Holder, it does not require to pay back or give any interest.  Only some companies is kind enough to give out some dividend. This is a disadvantage to share holder and as a share holder, he can only sell this "ownership" / shares in the Stock Market. That's why for the reason, investor should invest the company with a lot of profit as only with profit can help the company grow big in term of Asset and Share price will eventually being reflected. In theory, we need company with minimum Liability, so that ROE and ROA almost the same and balance formula look something like below:
Asset = Liability + Equity 

Finally, the last report, Cash Flow. The company must able to generate positive cash flow in order to fund and continue to grow big. Beware of financial fraud too, the account Receivable and Liability should not grow bigger and bigger, if any, should read as a red flag, avoid it no matter what.

Once you understand these simple report, you will know the answer if Apple is worth to buy or not!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Malaysia REIT report – June 2011

The portfolio still generate positive return against FD rate for past 6 months. We received dividend of RM5,211.58 for 6 months of 2011. This dividend is slightly more, as we only received RM4,392 on previous 6 months.

The whole portfolio is starting to generate very stable dividend of slightly more than 10% per year. We also achieved more than 50% return base on original investment amount of RM100,000 since Jun 2009, but this is meaningless since we do not want to sell our shares in next few years.
Our investment purpose is to build a “Portfolio” which able to generate positive dividend / income, and we continue to increase this percentage of return every year. (currently this return rate is 10%, compare to 8.5% since we started)

Together with dividend of RM5,211.58, currently we have total cash of RM9,604.16. As per plan, we wanted to buy some consumer related stock, but we did not do so, as there will be another new REIT counter going to list next month. We keep the cash for now and going to buy this new REIT or maybe some other REIT if they fall in price.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sharing with others - Make You happy

Nothing is so great in life by making others happy and making all people happy. Many success and rich people like to shares with others. Life is no meaning, the meaning is what you "Give" it. There's why the more you give, the more you will expect in return. How I can help others to enjoy happy life? Money is important, but doesn't mean having a lot of money equal to happy life. Sharing with people to turn their dream into reality is going to make you more happy once you have reach the level. 
Investing will become simple if you write down the purpose and strategy. Once these points properly spell out, the direction is very clear, you will know why taken certain action. The strategy will help you making money in relax way, much simple, easy and less worry.
Just like journey of life, stock market going up and coming down every day.  Some day it will continue to go up for few months, whereas some months it will go down. This is the beauty of the stock market, try to take advantage of it, don't let it become your pressure, let it become your pleasure and your friends. This is how the experience look at the trending of stock market.
With the proper planing, making money is easy and simple, kind of "Money Making Machine". Just appreciate and happy what you have obtained, this will create feel good emotion in daily life. As long as invest in right direction, making money is not a big deal, since we already know the way, if it's not happen today, it will happen tomorrow or in future. The next stage is making profit or losing money will not matter you anymore. That's the highest level or the experience level in stock market, once you have reach this level, making profit in stock market is not that difficult anymore.