Monday, November 12, 2012

Just attend a wedding dinner on last weekend. The decoration, very nice, the environment also nice, especially at front of the hotel door can view a nice Taiping lake!

In the midst of having the food, an idea came to my mind. Guess what, every table seem to have this...

Perhaps, it's time to invest into beer company... the reason, no matter economy good or not, so many people like to drink, especially in the wedding dinner, birthday party, New Year celebration or even farewell party. I don't think people will stop drinking in the next ten years, but the thing remain a concern, Malaysia is an Islamic country (some people have different opinion). Anyway, if you can worry about your investment value decrease by 20% or even 50%, then better don't invest, keep all the money in a bank is better. My next action item --> slowly accumulate Carlsberg stocks if there's correction on the stock price.

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