Saturday, August 17, 2013

3 Simple Steps to Maximize Profit

Do you know what is 3 SS?

3SS in CIMB's term stand for 3 Simple Step, which use the iTrade@cimb to maximize profit in stock market. If you don't have any idea how to trade local stock market, Bursa Malaysia, perhaps below can give you some light:

Step 1: sign on to iTrade:
Click on Research, you can view local Malaysia Stock and Foreign Stock Research as well:

Step2: Get 2nd opinion from Fundamental (Capital IQ) 
For example, if the recommendation from Asia Pacific Research for "IRIS" look viable, get the 2nd opinion by using Fundamental (Capital IQ) to check the performance of "IRIS" based on quarterly and annual financial reports. Click on News tab, and select Fundamental (Capital IQ) tab.

Step 3: Get 3rd opinion from Technical Charting and Indicators:
Right click and select Analysis Chart tab. A technical chart will pop up together with technical indicators for you to use and analyse further. Check if the technical chart and technical indicators show the right price and "time" to buy for this stock.

You may select Candlestick Chart + Indicators (MACD + RSI)

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