Sunday, January 5, 2014

Time to finalise earning for 2013 - Part 2

In the beginning of New Year, almost everyone talking about inflation, from increase of sugar price to electricity tariff hike and potentially increase of toll rates, all these have became hot topic right now. As per 7 habit practice, we should concentrate on what we can control and ignore what we couldn't, let's don't over focus with this small problem, as we are bigger than those problem.

For your reading pleasure, below are last few of pay cheque that I received for the month of Dec 2013:

One of the statement from AmanahRaya Reit went missing, with the sum of around $2k+. Thanks to convenience of eDividend, the money had credited into my saving account, if not I had to rush high and low again. All these 5 pieces gave me another handsome income of $6k+, thank you so much!
I always focus on the way to have more golden eggs and the only way is to have more golden goose. So, don't forget to invest into "golden goose" if you happen to know they are on "cheap sales".


  1. very impressing income..... by having so many golden goose :))


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