Monday, December 8, 2014

Time to shop in stock market?

Today, there's a big title came out in one of the local news paper, "Maybank is consider to list subsidiary of Etiqa Insurance".

Who is Etiqa Insurance? Many years ago, I have no idea about this company too. One day, I came to know this company in Maybank2u website ( under the "Insurance" session. The product I bought was "eMotor Takaful". The main reason is, with this, I can renew my car insurance policy via Maybank2u online and it give extra 10% discount on top of normal insurance amount (NCD) and save a lot of time. They can even renew your road Tax and deliver to your home, if you want this extra service. When time come for renew next year, all you need to do is just a few clicks!

Another best part, they will distribute the "Surplus" to you if you meet their requirement, where I don't see happen for other insurance company. I have been received RM60 to RM80 for last few years since I renew my car insurance with them. I think that's why make them to be the number 1 takaful operator in Malaysia with market share of 46.2%.

For the last few weeks, we have experience a market correction for local Bursa Stock, the year end discount is coming to town! Maybank is one of the stock in my buying list in next few months if the stock price still below RM9.00. If Maybank finally go with plan to list Etiqa Insurance, investor can expect some form of bonus, be it some extra shares or inform of cash dividend.

If you have no idea how to start, my suggestion is go to renew your car insurance with Etiqa Insurance for the next renewal to enjoy the above benefit. At the same time, you may start invest into Maybank stock, become the owner to enjoy their dividend income every year, and when time come if they decide to list the insurance company, it maybe an extra income for investors. Many brokers are neutral to this news, but personally, I think 2 listed company are better than one in terms of capital appreciation for investors, similar to today's TM & Axiata, or Public Bank & LPI.  (at the time of writing, I do hold some shares in Maybank, the above is just my personal opinion, as I don't get any benefit in whatever form and of course, Maybank do not pay me anything for writing this article)

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  1. Hye! How to do trading account..what the first step to do for beginner like me..please advise..tq

  2. You can open a Trading Account first, at the same time, read some investment book to gain some knowledge. Maybe, do some practice, such as paper trade to gain experience before start with your real money.


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