Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bursas hits All Time High in Volume

Yesterday Bursa broke a history again! You know what is it? Yes, the volume hits all time high of 7.67 billion shares, to those who used to trade Singapore or Hong Kong stock exchange, this is nothing great, but to Malaysia stock exchange, Bursa, this is first time in the history.

Last few weeks, it was quite interesting in the market. There are many penny stocks (less than One Ringgit) start to move higher in stock price. Many people got excited and try to make "fun" (or fund?) in the market. Many people think it's time to make money from stock market by jump in and sell when the stock price moving up. Is that so simple?

Again, I want to warn those who think this is time to make quick money. When the volume increase to history record, if the stock price can not follow through, it could lead to correction soon. Normally, it will start the correction in few weeks time, let see if this time happen or not.

Speculate in stock market look simple, but hard to practice, history record show only 10% of investor making profit in bull run. Unless you are so sure in the top 10%, if not better sit still and become real investors. Will elaborate more in my next post.

Quote of the day, "Money never make man happy, nor will it, there's nothing in it's nature to produce happiness. The more of it one has, the more one wants." -- Benjamin Franklin.

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  1. good quotes! keep away from any form of greed, it lead us no where ...better to smile than to cry. I hope one day, i can be that 10% and not the 90...a real investor and not a greedy speculator. Good post! Thanks!


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