How to get more reward through online Shopping?

Yesterday, the news come out on the Star online, with title: Alibaba launches 11.11 Global shopping festival in Malaysia. Online shopping is become a trend now, it's an opportunities for seller and of course it's going to benefit the buyer as well.  Technically, the buyer can save their time and money if they do it right.

Today, I am not going to talk about making money, but rather on how to save money through online shopping. Are you always buy online from Lazada, Taobao, 11 Street, or book your hotel from, Expedia, Agoda, or booking your air ticket from AirAsiaGo, or MAS? Are you reloads your Mobile Reloads online for Digi, Hotlink, Xpax, Umobile or Tune Talk? If the answer is yes, then you may continue to read the below to find out how.

The method is, before performing any online purchase, just open ShopBack web site and sign on your shopback ID. Then from the ShopBack web site, select Lazada (for example if you want to buy online from Lazada) and sign on your Lazada ID. ShopBack have a cashback reward program rage from 1% to 14% if you enter Lazada web site from ShopBack web site. 

Say if you want to buy one product from Lazada with value RM1,000 after putting whatever applicable voucher code, you final price is RM1,000. Now, instead of go to Lazada directly, you can sign in your ShopBack ID and access Lazada from their web site to buy the same product with value RM1,000. After 30 days, ShopBack will give you cashback reward of RM60 if that item worth cashback 6%. So, technically you save 6% from someone who buy directly from Lazada.

How to join ShopBack?  I have a referral link for you as below, just click on it to register your ID and password: With this link, you may earn RM10 for your next online shopping (and I will get RM5 as my referral reward, so, it's win win for you and me).  Of course, you can directly register an ID as per below, but you will not get any reward if not using my above link.

I just join ShopBack about 6 months ago and have been getting cash back reward of RM200+ for my online shopping since then and I am thinking since so many of you are buying online, why not I help you to get some reward? The best part is, you can tell them to credit your bank account directly, hence, it's real and working.  So, if you always shop online, why not register one ShopBack ID and start to get their CASH back reward now!


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