Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year 2020

In the next 10 years, we will enter into 5G & "ABC" (AI, Big Data & Cloud) stage. Many people will be out of job, but many new jobs will be created at the same time.

Just imagine, every one will need to change their smart phone because of 5G... then in next few years, internet of things will come, you will need to change your car, change your door with smart lock, change to 5G Television, 5G AirCon and many many other equipment.

Almost all the industries and business will need to change in order to ride on this new trend. There will be a lot of business opportunities out there just waiting for you to explore!

Wish all the best for 2020!

Monday, December 30, 2019

How to take advantage of eWallet in Malaysia in next few months?

In order to encourage Malaysian using eWallet, from 15 Jan 2020, the Government is given out a one off RM30 digital incentive (e-Tunai Rakyat incentive) to those who is eligible (Malaysian above 18 years old with earning less than RM100k as of 2018).

Government have announced 3 partner to work with for your e-Tunai, they are: GrabPay, TNG eWallet, and Boost, so, u can choose one of them to receive the incentive.  (u may help your mom, dad, Aunty or uncle if they don't know how to claim the RM30 after read thru the below)

For those who is entitled, they can claim for e-Tunai from 15 Jan to 14 Mar 2020, and remember to use it by 14 Mar 2020, as after this date, it will become expiry. (e-Tunai can be used to buy Goods and Services within Malaysia, but not able to transfer to any other users or withdraw from e-wallet)

So, out of the 3, which eWallet is the best? I would highly recommend TNG or Boost (u may also use GrabPay if always call Grab car or Grab Food). The reason is simple, because u can use ShopBack app to top up your TNG or Boost e-Wallet to maximum the reward and cash back). 

To get the max reward, when top up your TNG eWallet, don't directly go to TNG app. Open the ShopBack App first, select the eWallet, then select TNG, it will open TNG app and u may top up at this stage.  (for advance user, u can set up BigPay in TNG as payment method top up TNG eWallet from here to earn additional point for BigPay, to know more about BigPay, click here....) (by using this method, ShopBack will refund RM3 on month end) U may also use this method to top up for Boost eWallet, but the cash back on ShopBack is base on 2%)

Not yet have ShopBack app? Just click on below link to register your ID and password: https://www.shopback.my/referred-signup-bonus?raf=ADKv1M. With this link, you may earn RM5 for your next online shopping), then select from their link to earn Cash Back.

Last, how to claim the RM30? The process is very simple, just download the app (choose any of the 3 app above, if u haven't done so), then provide details of your Mykad, which will be used to verify if u fit the eligibility requirements. Once verify and if u are entitled, will receive RM30 on 15 Jan 2020.