CGS-CIMB iTrade: Why need to change Settlement Currency when key in Order for foreign stock?

If you come across to invest in foreign stock exchange, one of the important things to take note is foreign exchange.Let's assume you want to buy a HK stock, at time to key in purchase order, look for the field call Settlement Currency (Sett. Curr), usually the system will default the local currency for that stock Exchange..(HK market is HKD, US market is USD)
If you have HKD in your trading a/c, default as HKD for Settlement Currency is fine. However, if you only have MYR in your trading a/c, then I strongly advise to change the Settlement Currency to MYR so that the system will capture the day’s exchange rate, which is cheaper compared to the Bank's counter exchange rate.
What will happen if you don’t change the Settlement Currency to MYR when key in purchase order?  When your purchase order matches and comes to payment due date, the system will look for HKD. Since you don’t have HKD in trading a/c, txn can not be settled and the team will need to manually convert MYR to HKD a…


Not only you sit at home, crooks and scammers also...  few banks issue warning message to alert their customer....

Do not tell anyone about your Card Number, PIN or TAC.Do not click any link from SMS or email even they say your account going to expiry.If you receive call or message, always double check with the bank first!

Limit in Person Contact - Using SETEL app

Never thinking of paying for fuel can be so fun, just sit in the car, open the app, search for pump number, key in the amount, select pay by credit card, then all set. Come out from the car and start to pump. This is the first impression I have when started to use the Setel ePayment app a few weeks ago. In fact, I have known this Setel app for quite some time, I just don’t feel comfortable using it, since we have so many eWallet around. Until my friend shared some of the benefits, then I feel not bad to have a try, After tried, seem quite good and I like it. Below are some benefit I would like to share if you not yet experience it:
Limit the person’s contact, no need to pay at counterNo need to touch the button on the Petrol Station to key in PIN for credit card as the info already save in app.Planning ahead before going to the station on how much fuel want to purchase, as the app shows clearly what’s the petrol price for this week.Have the option to choose to purchase fuel in litter, …

Hong Kong Stock Market Scam

Below article copy from Cimb Website:Please be aware of the WeChat scam on Hong Kong Stock Market.

These are classic pump and dump scams: fraudsters using social media sites (particularly Wechat) to try to approach you to buy Hong Kong stocks.

Here's a summary posted by the Singaporean Police Force website:

Victims were typically approached by scammers claiming to be from China or Hong Kong on social media platforms such as WeChat or LinkedIn. These scammers would then patiently work their way to gain the victims’ trust by texting them frequently on the pretext of friendship or networking purposes. Once trust had been established, the scammers would share that they possessed insider information on certain companies listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. They would then encourage victims to buy these shares on the promise of quick and guaranteed profits.

Soon after the victims had bought their shares, the share prices of these companies would plunge sharply and the victims…

How to take advantage of eWallet in Malaysia in next few months?

In order to encourage Malaysian using eWallet, from 15 Jan 2020, the Government is given out a one off RM30 digital incentive (e-Tunai Rakyat incentive) to those who is eligible (Malaysian above 18 years old with earning less than RM100k as of 2018).

Government have announced 3 partner to work with for your e-Tunai, they are: GrabPay, TNG eWallet, and Boost, so, u can choose one of them to receive the incentive.  (u may help your mom, dad, Aunty or uncle if they don't know how to claim the RM30 after read thru the below)

For those who is entitled, they can claim for e-Tunai from 15 Jan to 14 Mar 2020, and remember to use it by 14 Mar 2020, as after this date, it will become expiry. (e-Tunai can be used to buy Goods and Services within Malaysia, but not able to transfer to any other users or withdraw from e-wallet)

So, out of the 3, which eWallet is the best? I would highly recommend TNG or Boost (u may also use GrabPay if always call Grab car or Grab Food). The reason is simple, beca…

Touch n Go

Currently, one of the hot topic here is about e-Wallet. One of my client ask me last week, is Touch n Go list at Bursa or not? The answer i gave him is NO, and I told him, even if it list at Bursa, now is not the right time to buy. Why? In Malaysia right now, we have almost 30+ companies involve in e-Wallet and many of them still not making a profit.

Currently, these companies at the stage of acquire more customers, hence giving reward with cash back and attractive promotion, how can they make money now? Going forward, will foresee some of these company going to consolidate and shutdown!

Talk about this Touch n Go, if u not yet download the eWallet, u can do so and remember to use above code to get their free cash. You can also register ShopBack first if want to maximum the reward (How to join ShopBack?  Just click on below link to register your ID and password: With this link, you may earn RM5 for your next online shopping), the…

Introduce BigPay card, free money for new application

Some time before, I have shared how to get cash back when you purchase online (you may check here if want to know my previous post), today, I will share how to get a Debit Card free of charges (with Malaysia address only, no need go to any bank) plus you will get RM10 for free.

The debit card I mean is: BigPay debit card.

You may ask, what is so special about this card? I already have many debit cards.

In fact, BigPay is not only a Debit Card, but it's also an eWallet , similar to virtual Bank a/c issued by AirAsia Bhd.  You may say, i also have many eWallet, what's so special?  Yes, in Malaysia, you can find a lot of digital wallet, like Tough & Go (by Cimb), Boost (by Axiata), GrabPay (by Grab), Razer Pay and many more.... (Vcash (by Digi) will cease operation after 1 Dec 2019)

There are many of ewallet out there, but the only e-wallet come with plastic Debit Card in the market now is BigPay, where one can use to shop anywhere accept the Master card, including online shoppin…