Latest MayBank Dividend Reinvestment Plan: How to do it online


It's time to do some 'clicks' if you want to participate latest Maybank Dividend Reinvestment plan. 

If you are share holder, you will receive Dividend Reinvestment Form. Normally, share holder need to fill in the form, attach Revenue Stamp RM10 on the form and return to them.

For this time, Maybank have change registrar company from Tricor to BoardRoom, so, if you want to do it online, remember to sign on below web site:

Boardroom Smart Investor Portal (BSIP online)

If you are first time come to this website, then need to do online registration first. Take photo of your IC (front and back), upload it. Also need to verify email to complete the registration.  (Your account has been approved, once you receive this email, you may proceed with below step)

The very first step once sign on to website, select Corporate Exercise.

Just follow the step to click on Next... double check your CDS a/c number, scroll down and click Next...

Then come to screen to do payment RM13...

Once done, payment receipt will be displayed...

Finally, you will also receive email from Boardroom.

Once you noticed the status become Submitted, this will means you have completed all the step!


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