Cimb Dividend Reinvestment: How to do it online?

It's time for  CIMB to distribute dividend again, as usual, this time, they also have Dividend Reinvestment Scheme.

If you are share holder, you will receive Dividend Reinvestment Form. Normally, share holder need to fill in the form, attach Revenue Stamp RM10 on the form and return to them.

Then a question come out, can this be done online? The answer is Yes, just go to Boardroom Smart Investor Portal (BSIP online).

You may log into BSIP Online at

For first time user, they have to do online registration first. Need to take photo of your IC (front and back), then upload it. Also need to verify email to complete the registration.  (Your account has been approved, once you receive this email, you may proceed with below step)

The very first step once sign on to website, select Corporate Exercise. 

Then click Apply button for which DRP exercise you wish to apply.

Select the CDS Account Number and click "Apply" button.

Read and agree to the Terms & Condition and Declarations. 

Review your info and insert your election, click "Confirm" button.

Then come the stage where they request to pay RM10 (Stamp fee) for each e-DRF submission. From here, you need to take note of their Maybank a/c number, sign on your internet banking, do instant transfer for RM10. Remember to input your CDS a/c number (16 digits) as reference number.  Last, remember to print your receipt and upload it to their web site.

Once everything in order, click the "Submit" button.
Then you will able to see the status of your application, it will show submitted and you can print the confirmation report as well.

Last, you will also receive auto email from BoardRoom, enclosed your DRP submission statement.

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