Friday, November 6, 2015

Time to buy Genting?

Yesterday I posted the below chat to some of my clients:

In the post, I say, this stock form higher high for daily and weekly record and it create an opportunity for investors to buy on pull back.

Guest what, a lot of query started to come in:

* "Did you tell me can buy this stock?"

* "At what price can I buy?"

* "I like to buy this stock, can you tell me when to buy and when to sell?"

Unfortunately, I can not tell the correct answer, in fact, there's no correct answer. What I tried to point out here is this stock starting to form the uptrend now, however, we do not know when the uptrend will stop and we should not predict it as well since the experience show that it's almost wasting time to predict the market. What we should concentrate is current market trend and we ride on the trend.

When time come to sell, we should sell it, it's normal for market to work that way, isn't it? However, this is not recommendation to buy, only those believe what they see will buy and this is the beauty of stock market!

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