Free Charting for Malaysia Stock

Basically for stock market investors, some of them like to use technical analysis, whereas others prefer fundamental analysis. I am between two of the group, meaning, I like to combine both fundamental and technical analysis.

Malaysia stock market are consider very young and most of investors are still in the learning stage. Sometime, they hardly find any website which provide free chart tools. Unlike US market, we can find a low of them, one of the famous charting tools for US is Stock Charts ( However, when you key in the company's name listed at Bursa Malaysia, it will not show you any result.

If you have CIMB trading account, you can access free charting under the iTrade screen, all you need to do is select Chart --> Analysis Chart.  Then system will show you a technical chart like below:

Ok, now what happen if you do not open share trading account with CIMB ? Or sometime, you don't want to sign on the website of your CIMB trading a/c ? No problem, you can access the below simple free charting website, TradeSignum. The chart are clear and simple, below the example:

What if you are advance technical follower? Let me introduce the web site. On their website, just click on "Advanced technical chart", then new window will prompt out as below:

What you can find in are:
1. Ten years market data,
2. About 60 list of technical indicator
3. Share price are adjusted for corporate action, such as Bonus / Right Issue

If you are new for technical analysis, I highly recommend you to try all the above web site, anyway it's free. Happy Investing!


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