Sunday, September 28, 2008

Loss money feel sad, earn money feel even pain, this kind of people not suitable invest in Stock Market

How to know one is suitable invest in Stock Market? I always joking tell my friends, when  noticed from news paper the stock you bought drop further till limit down again, take mirror and find yourself, if the face look bad, the eyes is red, please get the expert’s help, it could be you have overtrade. But you need to know your eyes is turning red or yellow… yellow could be hepatitis disease, go to see doctor immediately ya!

 Always I make a joke to my fried, go to take a photo before start investing in Stock Market. After buying some stock for 3 months, take another photo. Then compare the two photos, if before enter the Stock Market you look great, fresh, handsome or beauty, but the photo later look sad without spirit, bore, you know, it could be you have no faith with Stock Market! Go and take some other investment option.

 The volatile of Stock Market is very common, if one can not accept the price keep on moving down and feel sad till no appetite, this is yellow light! However when one day the Stock price moving up and you feel uneasy again, excited and can not sleep, this is red light! Go and put your money in the bank’s saving account!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Word of Wisdom for Stock Market

There is no Win or Lose, no Fear or Greed.
All you need to know is find the right opportunities in stock market and be aware of when the opportunities end. 

When price down, just buy without fear. When price up, sell and lock your profit without greed.