Friday, April 24, 2009

Stock Market - Dow Jones will up all the way?

After many months of waiting, finally seem market have found the bottom at somewhere around 7000 points.
Who care the recession is coming? As long as we can continue to make money when the upward cycle form. I want to congraturate those who able to make some money in this bear market, but don’t forget about the worst market that we experience few months ago. If the resistant level of 8000 for Dow Index is not able to break through, then reversal could happen any time.
One important lesson learn from this bear market is “When to Buy”. There is only one simple rule – when the down turn form, do not catch the falling knife. Wait till the knife fall down – wait for the day where stock is not making lower low, monitor for 4 or 5 days of trading session. Then this would be very save for one to buy into a stock and wait for up trend!!

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