Monday, August 16, 2010

Trader talk

Since the end of  World Cup, the local market started to go up. Currently, the market is entering the phase of Trading stage, many investors had became traders, a sign where market move to high side.
Trader is someone who try to take advantage of market movement. Trader (he is not an investor), who buy and sell shares using technical strategy, normally buy when a counter start to show bullish sign and ride on the up trend until it started to slow or at early stage of down trend. Everyday, trader will run a program (usually with certain indicator and scan by computer) to find out those counters which can be trade.
Cut loss is one of the most important rule a trader follow. When everyone expect something is supposed to go up but does not, it usually will go down. There's why if your remisier or friends tell you a stock will go up because of so and so (many reasons), but they do not go up, you better run first and normally it will go down. Trader will sell the stock even face with loses when down trend come, you should not be a trader if unable to cut loss at time when suppose to sell.
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For those who want to make quick money by using trader strategy, New Economic Model (NEM) and Sarawak stock play could be the possible advantage before announcement of state election. Below are list of counters and reference price as of 13 Aug 2010:
HSL 1.50
CMSB 2.48
UBG 2.26
Encorp 1.06
Weida 0.81
Dayang 2.10
SWKplnt 2.1
Scable 1.05
Penergy 1.43

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