Saturday, September 18, 2010

Invest for long term

It's time to receive annual report again... I like the last page of report from Public Bank:
If a share holder of Public Bank had bought 1000 shares in Public Bank when it was listed in 1967, and assuming the share holder had subcribed to all right issues to date and had not sold any of the Public Bank's share, he would had in the end of 2009, 135,398 shares worth RM1,529,997 based on the share price of RM11.30 at the end of 2009. In addition, he would had received a total gross dividend of RM632,643 whilst only spent capital outlay of RM48,760 for rights issues.

As of 17 Sep 2010, Public Bank share price worth RM12.70, let do some calculation here:
135,398 shares: RM1,719,554
Dividend: RM 726,643
Minus Right Issues RM48,760

So, total return is RM2,397,437 for 43 years, or RM55,754 per year. The conclusion, one need to invest in good company (shareholder friendly with growing business) and invest for long term will able to see the power of compound growing in capital!

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