Friday, September 24, 2010

Rotten is worst than...

Is market down scary?
No at all, it's more scary if the company become rotten. The "rotten" company is the one making loses year after year with sign of going bankrupt soon. In my earlier year of investment, I like to buy this kind of company, because of it's low price, thought can buy more with less money. Later I noticed what's the point to buy this kind of "rotten" company as the share price keep on lower and lower and is unable to recover when market up again. Usually the rotten is very hard to cue. From past experience, 10 out of 9 times, all these "rotten" company will turn bankrupt, so why invest in these type of company since there are so many others out there doing better? (Recently, another S company turn rotten and the share price drop from 70 cent to 18 cent now)

Market crash is not a problem provided you invest in quality stock. We know in long run, the economy will grow and big company with good management will always grow in value. This should be the first criteria of investment plan, never look at the "rotten", seek for top excellence company, not only leading in country's industries, but also well known internationally.

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