Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Insider Asia Model portfolio 398 - Buy REITs

Noticed one article from Insider Asia Model, they are buying some REITs:

As such, we have decided to move some funds into real estate investment trusts (REITS), which offer fairly good yields on relatively low risks. We acquired 20,000 units each in AmFIRST REIT, Al-Aqar KPJ REIT and Quill Capita Trust for a total consideration of RM66,600. 
To

This is not a good news for us, as usually those stock recommended will going up due to many people chase to buy. Below are the price for the 3 counters as of today's closing price:
AmFirst REIT: RM1.18
Al Aqar REIT: RM1.15
Quill REIT:  RM1.00
Let's keep this record and see if these REITs counter going up.

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