Thursday, December 30, 2010

Malaysia REIT report – December 2010

Doesn't matter if market up, down or flag, our portfolio help us generate positive return which make us sleep soundless at night. The portfolio outperform long term FD rate again for the past 6 months. We received dividend of RM4,550 half yearly. Currently we have total cash of RM4,392 on hand while total market value of our portfolio worth about RM138,845. If we were to sell all our holdings base on today's market value, we should receive cash of RM143,000, return of about 30% base on original investment amount of RM100,000 since Jun 2009.

Our latest purchase on last Aug 2010, CMMT and Sunreit, gave us unrealized profit of about 12% in less than 4 months. Going forward, we do not expect to receive similar return, as the price of the REIT continue to break higher record every months. We hope to see market pull back, as this will provide us good opportunities to buy more share with lower price.

For next coming quarter, we intend to add some consumer related stock, let see if any good opportunities coming!

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