Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cook frog with cold water!

I still remember, the story about how to cook frog with cold water. Frog, due to it's cold blood type, we put it in cold water, it will not jump. Gradually, we heat up the water, so water turn from cold to warm, from warm to hot, from hot to boil. The frog was so comfortable until it did not realized the water turn hot and boil, it died peacefully.

I am not a frog, at least know how to recognize the condition of environment, always ask if current market is too hot? If 100 marks is hot, I will rate current market as 75 marks. I plan to sell some holding at 80 marks onward, not being too greedy, let others to earn some profit so that I can sleep with peaceful mind. Don't be one of the frog when you invest in stock market, don't be too comfortable when the price or index moving higher everyday. In fact, you should worry about the markets' breaking another high again. Don't be the frog, died without knowing what happen!

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