Monday, April 4, 2011

After you have million dollar!

Have you ever think of what are you going to do if you already save and achieved one million? Let the passive income always more than expenses, it will turn you become financial freedom, if not a millionaire, it's just timing issue, whether you reach destination earlier than others. It really does not matter, if you know this is achievable target, sooner or later you will be there, what's the point to rush and give yourself pressure? Do you really feel more happy after having one million? 

Most of people think that they will feel more happy if they are millionaire. May be you should ask those millionaire, they will say, you wear the same cloths as yesterday, eat more or less the same meal, live in the same house. You may not feel extra happy as when you have 900 thousand, 800 thousand or even 500 thousand previously when you first achieved that target. Perhaps you may go out to celebrate with friends, travel to some places, but after some time, everything back to normal. 

Happy or not is just a feeling, the way how you look into your life. Perhaps more mature, the way look into the money is different, the way how to spend the money to obtain the happiness. Like the journey of life, one million is just like a “road mark” at road stated 10,000km from the destination. There's not much meaning looking at the mark when you pass through, may be we need to enjoy waterfall, the green trees, beautiful birds singing and many more along the journey.  

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