Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Investing

Stock market is the great place! 
But for some, it could be a pain, especially when people loss money. As the rules always come to say that losing money is 10 times more than winning. The feeling of losing one thousand is equal to earning ten thousand. 
With this volatile market which expect to continue in next few months, some people come out an idea of selling all your stocks and buy Gold. This has caused Gold price hitting highest record at $1854, when more people believed the story. Nobody can tell if Gold will continue to break higher record, but what we can tell is the trend is coming now. You can switch to Gold if you feel happy, the worst case if it's wrong, just switch it back, not a big deal.
The most important is your feeling, you need to feel happy when you invest. We feel happy when we are free from tensions and relax, love the way of living and love everything around us.
Happiness is a choice, every second of everyday, you make a choice. You can choose to buy shares for dividend, if this way you feel more relax and less tensions, especially when receive a pay cheque, feel graceful for making the right decision. Do you feel happy?

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