Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How many hunting dogs do you have?

Just read about one article, illustrate investment as hunting. You can hunt in group, or alone. Smart hunter always hunt with dog or group of hunting dogs to reduce their effort. 

Traders who trade every day is similar to hungry hunter who kills every day. It's better to train many dogs that can help in hunting job. Let the money work hard for you, money hunt for more money.

Whereas some hunters seldom hunt, but he bleed the dogs and sell to those hunters who need it. He 's business owner or Investor who create the businesses and looking for passive income. When the hunting seasons come, many hunters looking for dogs, they willing to pay high price, especially those dogs can run very fast.

Times come when winter season approach... many hunters will sell their dog as they do not know how long the winter last, it could be one month or one year, nobody know. “Winter season” is very scary for those hunter who never prepare, sometime they need to eat the dog if want to survive as nobody want to buy their dog because all the hunters can not hunt too and they are out of money. This is the time when smart investor make their profit... they will buy those good quality dogs with reasonable price, keep it in the safe place, feed it and grow it. They hope one days, after the winter end, they can sell the dogs with good price. The only conditions is they need to have extra fund, as nobody know when the winter will end.

One day, the sun coming out and winter end. All the hunters coming out again and look for dogs to help them. Those hunters who own dogs now can sell with very good price, this is how they make the money. Of course, they will hunt too because now they have many good quality dogs can help them. Have you prepared to be a smart hunter?


  1. good hunter dog ...thank you for this piece of wisdom.

  2. damn gud article!!


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