Monday, January 2, 2012

Malaysia REIT report – Dec 2011

The portfolio generate gross cash dividend of RM5,434.83 for the past 6 months. The total gross dividend for the year is RM10,646, this imply the total return of 10.6% p.a., or 9.6% net after deducted tax against our initiate investment of RM100k. This is equal to receive extra cash of RM800+ every month without doing anything, which make us sleep well at night even market crash tomorrow. 

We purchase from the market the new Pavilion REIT (Pavreit) with our cash in hand when it was listed in Bursa last month. As of year end closing, we have cash of RM3,554.16 after including the cash dividend and deducted the cost pay for Pavreit.

Currently, the value of our portfolio worth RM161,161.66, if we were to sell our holding base on today's market price. (initiate investment of RM100,000 Jun 2009) However, we do not have any intention to sell our portfolio in near future.

In next few months, we expect Amfirst and Hektar going to give Right Issue, we will adjust our portfolio base on market condition and decide if going to subscribe the Right Issue or not.
The purpose of this report is show how to build consistent investment return (we are not expect frequently buy and sell from this portfolio) and at the same time keep track of our REIT investment portfolio and return.

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