Monday, June 18, 2012

Financial Freedom - Do you?

Two weeks ago, I meet his wife. She told me, her husband disappear few days ago. His husband already did not pay the monthly instalment for 3 months, hence, the newly bought car was taken away by the bank. Loan shark also came to her house seeking for payment.

I was never think of such a good person will left his wife. Where is love? Is love or money important? I would say, both head and leg are equally important. The fact is, love without money, you can not build home. He was indeed living hand to mouth.

I think if he have proper financial knowledge, he will not face this kind of problem. Knowing what you want and what you need is really important. Buying a big new car and finance with extra loan? Don't forget, you need to pay insurance, road tax and maintainance. Why don't use the small car or take public transport or may be taxi?

Another example, handphone is something we need, but iPhone is something we want. Of course, if you have really a lot of income, then go ahead to treat yourself better. Financial independence is more important than displaying high social status.

Living without saving money, is a problem. If you are employee who enjoy high income, you should save money. As you wouldn't know when you will lost your job. If you are a business owner, saving is a must. As the business income is not guarantee. I will not call it save for the rainy day, but save for Financial Freedom or joyful day. Allocate some time, energy and money in ways conductive to building wealth.

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