Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rich or poor, you can choose!

If there's a choice, do you want to become rich or poor? Many people will say, they want to become rich! However, there are some, who think rich are selfish, so they want to remain poor. Some even have a funny thinking that if they become rich, they will need to lost something in order to exchange for rich!

Many people hate their boss, because their boss is rich. Also, they think they are under pay but over work, that's why their boss become rich and rich people are all greedy! If one having this kind of thinking, then most likely he will never being rich. How can you become someone whom you actually hate? If you feel like under pay, then why don't become a boss?

It make more sense to become rich and it's better to remain rich, become stronger and you can help the weaker! If one remain poor, how can they help those poor to become better? That's why when come to donation, rich people can always give, and they hope to give more next year if their business is bigger. And they know they will give more because their business is growing, the money is working for them even they are sleeping.

If you think rich people will lost something in order to exchange for rich, you are wrong! This is poor people's thinking, the rich always think of win win situation. You can become rich, not only in terms of money, but the true wealth, love, people and hope for future.

Even if the government distribute all the money equally to all people, after some years, you will notice the money redistribute and only about 10% of people become rich and the rest of people remain poor! Why? All happen because of mind, the poor people remain poor because they don't have the financial “Blue Print”.

For instant, the poor when they receive few hundred thousand, they will think of how to spend it. Go for holiday in one of Europe country, buy the most expensive car, buy the luxury condo, hand bag and so on... anything you can name it! On the other hand, the rich will think of how to grow these money, form a business that will generate income, buy a properties that can be rented for income, buy a stock that can grow, sell the product that can general profit... if that is not big enough, then “think and grow rich”, go to bank and borrow more money that can generate higher return!

That's the reason why rich remain rich, so, next time, don't hate the rich, but admire and respect them. Most of rich are also honest, if not, their business will not grow big and sustain in years. Learn from them and you can become rich too one day! Once you know the way, money will just flow to you once you become money magnet, just appreciate and say, “Thank You!”.


  1. Totally agreed to you. Is the wisdom to built not only wealth in $$$ but most importantly also a long the way we built love,future and sharing of our wealth to the society.

  2. Yes, one need to have love, have something love to do as well, together with plan for future. This is the ultimate meaning of true wealth for the happy life.


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