Tuesday, August 20, 2013

3 Simple Steps to Maximize Profit - Part 2

Investor can also search a list of stocks by indicate certain criteria by using iTrade@CIMB.

Just sign on to iTrade, click on the Fundamental Screener (Capital IQ) to start the search:

At the Fundamental Screener page, select the criteria, such as Country, PE Ratio or Dividend Yield:

Key in the value for the Screening Criteria:

The Fundamental Screener will show all the stocks that matched the criteria:

Get the second opinion by follow the "3 Simple Step"!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

3 Simple Steps to Maximize Profit

Do you know what is 3 SS?

3SS in CIMB's term stand for 3 Simple Step, which use the iTrade@cimb to maximize profit in stock market. If you don't have any idea how to trade local stock market, Bursa Malaysia, perhaps below can give you some light:

Step 1: sign on to iTrade: http://secure8.itradecimb.com.my/
Click on Research, you can view local Malaysia Stock and Foreign Stock Research as well:

Step2: Get 2nd opinion from Fundamental (Capital IQ) 
For example, if the recommendation from Asia Pacific Research for "IRIS" look viable, get the 2nd opinion by using Fundamental (Capital IQ) to check the performance of "IRIS" based on quarterly and annual financial reports. Click on News tab, and select Fundamental (Capital IQ) tab.

Step 3: Get 3rd opinion from Technical Charting and Indicators:
Right click and select Analysis Chart tab. A technical chart will pop up together with technical indicators for you to use and analyse further. Check if the technical chart and technical indicators show the right price and "time" to buy for this stock.

You may select Candlestick Chart + Indicators (MACD + RSI)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Become a millionaire by investing in stock market?

In many years working in banking industry, I meat with many clients, many of them are millionaire. One of them Ah Chong, is a self make millionaire by just investing in stock market, he hope I can share his story with all who have millionaire's dream.
Ah Chong is a typical employee who work nine to five daily. Not many know that he is a millionaire next door, not even his neighbour. He stay in a 800 square foot apartment with his wife and a daughter, drive a second hand car. To him, money is mean for future security, not for showing off. He know that, to be rich, it's not about how much you earn, but how much one can save. If you earn ten thousand and spend eleven thousand, you will never have chance to accumulate wealth.
His story begin at age 17, where he started his first investment in stock market. At time, he thought that invest in stock market need to chase for tips, rush to buy and be the first one to sell. In few days time, he made few thousand by using this method. He never know that big sharks was always waiting at the side line. They spread rumours and let young investor like Ah Chong fall into their trap! How can the young investor like him manage to escape? 
After being badly burn, he learn the lesson, luckily that was his first 15 thousand. He decided to stop investing for sometime and concentrate with his University study. He work part time to earn and save some money. Of course, he still follow closely all the stock market related news. After completed his University, he work with one accounting firm and did some part time job as well. Why he work so hard? The reason was to accumulate money and wait for opportunity, since he was not born with silver spoon. Two three years later, Asia financing crisis happened, that year was 1997. To him, this was a golder opportunity. After discussed with his wife, finally, they decided to take out all their cash, about two hundred over thousand and bought all blue chip stocks. He still remember, Tenaga was selling at around $2.50 and Maybank was selling around $3.00
Three years later, their stocks value jump two to three fold... of course, Ah Chong make his first million! He slowly switch his stock to high dividend stocks. In the recent financial crisis which happen in 2008, he duplicate his method again. Today his dividend income is easily 90k to 100k every 9 or 10 months and he start enjoy his fruit by going travel one or twice every year. Now he only work the 9 to 5 job, no more part time or week end job!
This is the story he shared with me how he became millionaire in 10 years time. To him, become rich is very simple, one just need to focus on making, saving and investing the money. Don't focus on spending the money when you have yet to build the dividend income. Stay alert with financial market, read all the investment books while waiting for golden opportunity to come. Be patient, invest in big way on the right time! Become a millionaire is just a few step away!