Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Year end Closing for 2014

A friend told me, he feel very hard to make money in stock market nowsaday, expecially recent market down trend, he was too worry and cut all his holding. Oh boy, for me, I would think his strategy is totally incorrect, sorry.

If you remember my previous post, I plan to buy Pchem and Maybank during this year end Mega Sales. It's time to buy when Market on sales. As per plan, last 2 weeks, I managed to collect Pchem when it's stock price below RM5, for the whole week, there were 3 to 4 days where one can collect it at RM4.70, RM4.60 and RM4.90.

For the case of Maybank, there are even longer period for the stock to stay below RM8.80. One can have a weeks time to collect it when the stock price close at RM8.60, RM8.30, RM8.40 and RM8.70.

At the time I write this post, Pchem is trading at RM5.40 whereas Maybank trading at RM9.18. You can make a handsome profit of 10% in a short period by selling the stocks now...again, it's all depend if want to take a quick profit or continue to hold it for dividend income. For me, I may consider to sell half of holding only if the price start to go south, anyway, the plan is for mid to long term, no need to hurry. Remember, life only happen once, but history of market cycle always repeat, if you miss this cycle, there are always another cycle waiting for you. Good Luck and Happy New Year!


  1. You may email your details, then we arrange from there.

  2. Hi Vincent,

    I am interested to open a Direct Account with CIMB Investment Bank.

    My email: sinchoy104@yahoo.com


  3. Hi Vincent,
    Please send more details to my email musicking84@yahoo.com.
    Looking to hear from you soon.

  4. Hi, Investor188 & My First Post, details already email to you.

  5. Hi Vincent, i wrote an email to you today. Hope you can look into it.


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