Friday, April 24, 2015

Who Move My Cheese in Stock Market?

Many people think invest in stock market is too risky. Yes, some stock may go down in price, some time, the entire market may go down for months. However, do you know that the study shows for the past 100 years, stock market tend to go up 2 out of every 3 days? The logic is simple, population and new company keep on growing...

Few years ago, there was a little popular book, the title is "Who Moved my Cheese?" It's about the story of 4 little mice, with 4 different character. One day, they noticed that the cheese which they discovered earlier was no longer there...

Do you prepared if one day, you noticed your cheese disappear? (it can be you lost your job or relationship) Would you able to move some where and look for new cheese again? The cheese can be a good job, a loving relationship, money, a possession, health or spiritual peace of mind.

Sometimes, I like to relate stock market as cheese. Today, if you find a good taste cheese, don't take for granted tomorrow the cheese would be there. Stock market is where you can find a lot of changes everyday, one need to adapt to the change quickly and be ready to change quickly, again and again.

Stock market is a good place for us to build wealth. You may find cheese here and there everyday, but don't forget to built an "asset" or a machine that can produce cheese (or I call it dividend machine). That is a lot better than searching for cheese everyday.

The stock price change every second, there's nothing to worry or fear, enjoy the change and adapt to the change quickly. What you need is, be prepared before someone move your cheese away!

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