Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What Stock to Buy?

Somebody told me, he don't know what to buy, when the market down!

If one buy a stock by listen to the rumours or 'hot tips', it's only 50% of changes for them to make money, as you might only have 50/50 chance to get it right. In fact, in today's advance tech environment, one can just depend on internet to get the news (no need to listen rumours), and one of the official news for Bursa is Bursa Market Place. ( There are many research and analyst report can be found here.

Another way of getting those information is from CIMB Research report. If you are CIMB's client, just sign on to iTrade and retrieve Daily Research report as per the below example.
(1. Click on “Research” button, you can find latest report from all the region.
2. Just click on “MY” button if you want to read only Malaysia’s related reports.)

In this case, at least you can know what to buy when the market price is right! Most of these reports are base on fundamental analysis. These reports are mean for investors to study it, the investment research team already extracted it from the financial reports of the company, usually, they will try to find out which are the potential stocks with greater potential to increase in stock price over time.

Normally, the research team will also advise on those companies which started to turn from good to bad, usually come with decrease in sales, decrease in profit and weak stock price.

If you still have the question of, what make the stock price to go up in long run? The answer is simple, only those company with potential growth in their business and profit (of course, usually those investment bank will write in the report), it's stock price will have high priority to rise over time!

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