Tuesday, September 27, 2016

One of the company that I put in my winning list is Scientex. Many people don't really understand why I create this winning list. See, the thing is simple, in the investment world, the stock price always move with momentum, or what we call it, trend. Hence, understand the trend is very important before invest the money into it.

In this case, we want a company that keep on growing in profit. This is important, because if the company can sustain this momentum in last two year, last year and this year, the tendency to make profit is higher. If most of the investor have a strong believe and they think that this company have a good reason to invest, all will rush in to buy it.

Scientex yesterday announced the quarterly report, the profit increase 10.7% compared to previous quarter. The earning per share is 23.54 cents, this making the whole year's earning per share 105.88 cents or increase of 52.3% compare to previous year.

As I always like to make the investment in simple way, buy those company when you notice their profit keep on increasing for continuous few quarters, the better if the profit increase compare to previous year. One more selling point is, their new polypropylene film factory going to operate this month end, which will increase the chances of making higher profits in next few quarters going to come. If one have nothing to invest at the moment, Scientex (RM6.30) is one of the few company that worth to take a look,

p/s: I am not holding any unit of Scientex at the moment, this is just one of my personal opinion for my investment group. I may or may not invest in Scientex in next few months.

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