Thursday, November 2, 2017

How to get more reward through online Shopping?

Yesterday, the news come out on the Star online, with title: Alibaba launches 11.11 Global shopping festival in Malaysia. Online shopping is become a trend now, it's an opportunities for seller and of course it's going to benefit the buyer as well.  Technically, the buyer can save their time and money if they do it right.

Today, I am not going to talk about making money, but rather on how to save money through online shopping. Are you always buy online from Lazada, Taobao, 11 Street, or book your hotel from, Expedia, Agoda, or booking your air ticket from AirAsiaGo, or MAS? Are you reloads your Mobile Reloads online for Digi, Hotlink, Xpax, Umobile or Tune Talk? If the answer is yes, then you may continue to read the below to find out how.

The method is, before performing any online purchase, just open ShopBack web site and sign on your shopback ID. Then from the ShopBack web site, select Lazada (for example if you want to buy online from Lazada) and sign on your Lazada ID. ShopBack have a cashback reward program rage from 1% to 14% if you enter Lazada web site from ShopBack web site. 

Say if you want to buy one product from Lazada with value RM1,000 after putting whatever applicable voucher code, you final price is RM1,000. Now, instead of go to Lazada directly, you can sign in your ShopBack ID and access Lazada from their web site to buy the same product with value RM1,000. After 30 days, ShopBack will give you cashback reward of RM60 if that item worth cashback 6%. So, technically you save 6% from someone who buy directly from Lazada.

How to join ShopBack?  I have a referral link for you as below, just click on it to register your ID and password: With this link, you may earn RM10 for your next online shopping (and I will get RM5 as my referral reward, so, it's win win for you and me).  Of course, you can directly register an ID as per below, but you will not get any reward if not using my above link.

I just join ShopBack about 6 months ago and have been getting cash back reward of RM200+ for my online shopping since then and I am thinking since so many of you are buying online, why not I help you to get some reward? The best part is, you can tell them to credit your bank account directly, hence, it's real and working.  So, if you always shop online, why not register one ShopBack ID and start to get their CASH back reward now!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Lost your mobile phone, don't worry, here are some tips to find it back!!

Nowadays, mobile phone is very common for everyone and some even have more than one device on hand.

However, not many know how they can remotely control their mobile phone if they lost it.

There's one simple way provide by Google (work for both iPhone and Android):

1. Go to Google and type "Find my lost phone" and click "sign in" (your phone must have data turn on and make sure you have create a Google a/c)

2. The screen will appear as below:
3. Now, you can see the location on the maps. If it's some where around you, then can click PLAY SOUND, with this way, your phone will ring.

4. In the worst case, if you notice your phone is very far away from you or some where which you believe your phone had been stolen, then you can click LOCK. This function also allow you to type a message and the one who hold your phone will able to see it.

5. The last option is, ERASE it. This function will erase all the information and your phone to factory setting.

HOWEVER, PLEASE TAKE NOTE THAT GOOGLE NEVER PROVIDE FUNCTION TO UNLOCK YOUR PHONE, ONCE IT'S LOCK, THERE'S NO WAY TO UNLOCK IT. (unless your phone is Samsung phone, where you can unlock it by sign on to Samsung account)

Finally, if you have Samsung phone, remember to register your Samsung account first:,  Then in future, if you lost your phone, you can  ring locate it, ring it, lock it and unlock it.

Hope you find this info helpful, of course, the best is, take good care of your mobile phone and don't lost it. =.=

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Cimb iTrade: new push notification

Last few days, some of the clients told me they received notification from iTrade if they put in wrong password....

Yes, this is one of the new feature for Cimb iTrade, now iTrade client will receive push notification whenever their order is rejected. Don't worry, this is not scam message. You can turn on or off, just go to "Setting Menu" for a set up:

iBillionaire from iTrade: What is that ?

Now you can trade like Billionaire... want to know in the past few months which stock sold or purchase by Warran Buffer?  Do you want to know who was buying Apple (APPL) and Alibaba (BABA)? Do you want to  create your own Portfolio and compare with Billionaire?

Now Cimb Malaysia do provide the similar info in iTrade, for details, you may refer to the below link:

[iBillionaire is a financial platform that explore how the world's top billionaires invest their money and follow this information to allow average investors to follow these strategies. It basically analyzes billions of dollars in assets held and managed by a pool of over 20 world's most successful self-made US-based billionaires. Utilizing proprietary algorithms and software, iBillionaire has processed over a decade's worth of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings and analyzed thousands of investments.]

For normal iTrade client, you may use version 2.10, then can see the details as below:

i*Trade clients can also access iBillionaire Mobile Application directly from i*Trade@CIMB mobile application menu.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Lotte Chemical : Catching the falling knife

The listing of Lotte Chemical is really creating most of the Malaysia stock market history record. In fact, I did write and share few of the points on the weeks before the listing.

It was one of the least listing in the market, with the first day's stock price closing below the IPO price. The IPO price was RM6.50, and the first day, it close at RM6.38. Then most investors thought that the price may just up down 5 to 10 percent at this level.

However, it created another history record when investors see the stock price tumble another 30% to RM4.30 when the company announced worst than expected quarterly report on end of July 2017.

That time, few of clients ask my opinion if they could now invest into this stock or not.... I told them technically, it's not advisable to catch the falling knife. However, if the knife already fall on the floor, it's fine to catch it. 

In other words, one need to wait at least 10 percent for the stock price to recover from the low of RM4.14. Means one day, if you notice the stock price break up above RM4.55, then you may just put your order straight at the market price.

This happen on yesterday, if one checked the closing price, it was RM4.70. If you able to follow the market price or manage set the price alert system, then when the price hit above RM4.55, it's the time for one to enter the position. Even if you only check the stock price after market closing at RM4.70, it's still fine to enter immediately when stock price open this morning at RM4.75.

This is one of the way how investor can catch the falling knife. I wish those who successfully catch this stock at RM4.75 and below Good Luck and let the profit run until the stock price stable again before calling to close the position.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Lotte Chemical IPO: win many of number one Malaysia record

Today, want to write something  about a company call Lotte Chemical. See their logo below, very simple.
This company tentatively going to list at Bursa Malaysia on 11 Jul 2017.  So, who are they? Make it simple, Lottle Chemical is a petrochemical producer (currently, we have another company Pchem list at Bursa who have the nearest product, of course, Pchem is about 4 times bigger) who set up their plant at Malaysia and Indonesia, their parent company is famous Korea's Lotte Group... Just go to below link if you want to know in details for this company:

What's so special about this company? First, it's one of the most expensive IPO in Malaysia's record when they launch their IPO price at RM8 on Jun 2017. To list at this price, their market capital is around RM19.7 billion. (compare to the Pchem market cap is RM57.7 billion)  At the price of RM8, the PE is about 15 times (base on Earning per share of 53.31 cents), one can consider expensive for this stock.

They also said that they have at least 5 cornerstone investors, PNB, Eastsprint Investment, Great Eastern Life Assurance Malaysia, Maybank Asset and Maybank Islamic Asset Management. However, these cornerstone investors are not subject to any lock up arrangement. (as per page 20 of prospectus)  Then the book building exercise began and they suppose to announce the IPO price by end of June. However, on that day they never announce the IPO price instead they said will relaunch the IPO on 3 Jul 2017. (what's a joke, I think this is another record in Malaysia's IPO market) Then what happen to the retail investor who already subscribe the IPO price at RM8? (luckily they found the light at the end of tunnel the days after as per below details)

On 3 Jul, the company announced relaunch IPO at refer price of RM6.50 to RM8. They also offers to buy back retail shares, this is another record in history of Malaysia stock market, as I never recall we have this kind of arrangement for other IPO. (In fact, I also receive calls from few clients inquiry on what's this buy back, refund and relaunch work)

On 4 Jul, they announced the IPO price fix at RM6.50, (from original RM8), they also offer to buy back from affected investors (only for those who paid RM8 to apply for IPO), this representing about 2.57% only base on their enlarged share capital, which would cost them RM384.8 million at RM6.50 for 59.2 million shares.

For the affected investors, they will get refund of RM1.50. For example, if one apply 2,000 units, initially pay for RM16,000. Now, IPO price at RM6.50, so, 2,000 units now need RM13,000. Refund is RM16,000 - RM13,000 = RM3,000. At the same time, the affected investors will be dispatched a request form for share buy back. If they want to sell their shares to Lotte, they can do so start from 12 Jul till 18 Jul 2017. Once receive the form, Lotte will pay them within 10 working days. One important condition, the affected investors are not allow to sell partially to Lotte, is either you sell all your IPO shares to Lotte or don't sell any to them.
[for the client's inquiryThe completed and signed Request Form must be submitted to arrive at MIH on or before 5.00 p.m. on 18 July 2017 , for details, refer to below link:]

For the institutional offering, they received strong demand from both Malaysia and global institutional after revised IPO price to RM6.50 and reduce the shares offer for sales by 20%. (now offer for 524.22 million shares compare of initial plan 740.48 million). Institutional will also take up the remaining shares not subscribe by retail investors. At this price, their market cap now around RM14.60 billion. (compare to initial RM19.7 billion) So, now for this IPO, they will raise around RM3.77 billion compare to initial plan of RM5.9 billion, however, they said this will not affect their plan to develop and construction of new plant in Indonesia.

Ok, after telling all the above figure and see the record of many first kind in Malaysia, what do you think this stock will perform on 11 Jul 2017? My opinion, they treat the affected investor fairly by providing buy back retail shares, in other word, they give some sort of capital guarantee for these investors to sell their shares to Lotte should the market price below RM6.50. However, for the market to trade at RM6.50 in first few days, I think is quite impossible, since now they have strong demand from Institutional after they fix IPO price at RM6.50 and leave some money on the table for them. (at RM6.50 the PE is 12x base on EPS of 57.02 cents) Even they have reduce the size of IPO shares, they are also one of the biggest IPO since 2012.

Finally, if you are one of the affected investors, I want say, congratulation! Because, all the unit you apply from the IPO, you will get all, then you can decide on 11 Jul, if you want to sell the shares to Lotte or not.... if market open above RM7, then you can smile all the way to the bank and go for holiday if the amount is big!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Single Tier Dividend: need to pay tax or not?

As usual, when near the filling tax income for the year, many clients who like to ask this question:

Is Dividend Income receive need to pay tax or not ?

After 2014, almost all the Malaysia listed company pay dividend as "Single Tier Dividend System". Tax paid by the company level at 25% and the dividend received by Malaysian share holders are tax exemption. In other words, share holder is not required to declared dividend income in the tax return.

How about REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust), is dividend Income receive need to pay tax?

For REIT, there is a With Holding Tax of 10% in the hands of share holder. Meaning, tax already paid as 10%, hence, same case, share holder is not required to declared dividend income in tax return for REIT dividend.

To know more about Single Tier Dividend, you can click here.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Do You play Penny Stock?

Many of so call investors like to invest (or I call it speculate) in Penny Stock. What is penny stock? In Malaysia terms, many classified those stock below 50 cents as penny stock. Why is penny stocks so popular among the retailers?

The main reason, people still assume that stock with cheap price can go up more easily and they can buy more units. In fact, a person who buy 100,000 units of 5 cents versus 1000 unit of $5 stock, both are paying same total amount of $5,000, But the one who buy the penny stocks tend to face more risk, as many of the investors have no idea who is behind the penny stocks and how these people operate the stock.

There's nothing wrong to speculate in penny stocks provided you know how these people operate it. Not long ago, some of the investors may noticed that Bursa issue an alert statement to all investors, one of the phase they did mentioned was "Pump and Dump" on penny stocks. If you like penny stock, then need to have basic idea how this work and perhaps use it to your advantage.

Normally, pump and dump happen when 'someone' want to push up the stock price and then sell it to others at higher price. Penny stocks usually are the target for them to operate it. Promoters (someone who being hired to do this job) will send out message through email, whatsapp and other social media, creating rumors that certain stock price going to move up due to whatever reason. (can be project or new contract) When the stock price move higher, they know when to get out.

The worst is, some time, you can find very bad promoters, one fine day, with high or near the highest volume day follow with stock price spike, they just dump everything to you, the stock price will follow by crash for next few days. Hence, identify the pattern of these Pump and Dump operation, normally can protect your capital, remember, when time to sell, you need to sell with no question ask.

Finally, money management is also a key point for investors to take note before jump into penny stock. Consider this, if you have one million, would you gamble away by flip a coin, imagine it's a 50:50 chance for both side? If you willing to risk all your available money for this, it must be something wrong in the process of thinking!

Hence, before start to jump in penny stock, perhaps and first question to ask is, how much do you risk on a single trade?

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Free Charting for Malaysia Stock

Basically for stock market investors, some of them like to use technical analysis, whereas others prefer fundamental analysis. I am between two of the group, meaning, I like to combine both fundamental and technical analysis.

Malaysia stock market are consider very young and most of investors are still in the learning stage. Sometime, they hardly find any website which provide free chart tools. Unlike US market, we can find a low of them, one of the famous charting tools for US is Stock Charts ( However, when you key in the company's name listed at Bursa Malaysia, it will not show you any result.

If you have CIMB trading account, you can access free charting under the iTrade screen, all you need to do is select Chart --> Analysis Chart.  Then system will show you a technical chart like below:

Ok, now what happen if you do not open share trading account with CIMB ? Or sometime, you don't want to sign on the website of your CIMB trading a/c ? No problem, you can access the below simple free charting website, TradeSignum. The chart are clear and simple, below the example:

What if you are advance technical follower? Let me introduce the web site. On their website, just click on "Advanced technical chart", then new window will prompt out as below:

What you can find in are:
1. Ten years market data,
2. About 60 list of technical indicator
3. Share price are adjusted for corporate action, such as Bonus / Right Issue

If you are new for technical analysis, I highly recommend you to try all the above web site, anyway it's free. Happy Investing!

Monday, February 13, 2017

The beauty of Dividend investing is you don't need to chase for the money, instead, let the money come and find you.

Friday, January 6, 2017

New Reit going to list on Bursa - KIP Reit

REIT in Malaysia stock market had been quiet for quite some time. In the beginning of 2017, seem we are going to welcome another new REIT on board, KIP REIT. Currently, this REIT is open for IPO application, the closing date is 16 Jan 2017 and tentative listing date is 6 Feb 2017.

I am a fan of REIT investment for quite some time, you can view one of my old article here: How to Earn Money in REIT. One can achieved investment return of 8% to 10% per year by just investing in REIT and receive the dividend. When the market pull back, if you know how to take advantage of price weakness, the return can easily above 10%. Therefore, KIP Reit is one of the reit one should not miss. With the IPO price of $1.00, one can expect something slightly more than 6 cents dividend per annum, this translate to about more than 6% in return.

For details of this IPO, just refer to below link:

Initially, KIP Reit will have 5 Kip Marts in their portfolio, namely, Tampoi, Kota Tinggi, Masai, Senawang and Malacca. The logo looks like this:

At first, I thought it's a small apple on top, but when I enlarge the image, it's a Tomato... this logo really suit their business model as they concentrate in wet market and conventional shopping center, mainly for lower and middle income group. With this, they call it as "hybrid community-centric retail centres" Reit.

The last IPO listed on Bursa was ALS Reit on Sep 2015, the IPO price is also $1.00 and almost have the similar dividend yield of around 6%. On first day of listing, ALS Reit hit the highest price of $1.06, then it pull back to $0.91 for the next few weeks. Currently, it stand at around $1.05. Investors who bought at IPO price of $1 will have return of about 10%, and those who invest when the stock pull back around $0.93 and below will see their return of around 15% including dividend.

This is the purpose I write this post today, if the history of ALS going to give any indicator, then investor can come out a plan for KIP Reit and take advantage of it. I wish you all Good Luck!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

How to make money from IPO

IPO (Initial Public Offering) is one of the way investors can make easy money. Ten or twenty years ago, this was especially true, when one strike an IPO, in Malay, it's call 'Durian Runtuh', one just can see the money falling from the sky! If you ask me, how much one can make during those day for an IPO? Let me give an example, the first day when Tenaga (the biggest utility company in Malaysia) went listing, the opening price was $7.50, compared to IPO price of $4.50... that was handsome profit of more than 60% !

Today, the 60% profit for one day seem to become a history. This is due to the pricing method and more Investment Bank advise their client to left little money on the table for investors. Though not that juicy anymore, but the IPO still become one of the way for investor to make quick money, especially in the current flag market trend. (no direction)

From last year's record, almost 95% of IPO still above their issue price, meaning investors still can make some money if hold on to it, unless you are not lucky to hold on the other 5%, But again, if you are in the 5% category, you still have a lot of time to dump your shares, as the stock price will not fall in one day.

How to apply for IPO? Some fifteen years ago, we have to fill in a form, purchase a Bank Draft, photo copy an I.C., attach the Bank Draft with the form and send it to the Issuing House. Today's investors are lucky and convenience, they can perform all these step through internet by just click on a few button or clicks. Thanks to the internet and smart phone.

So, if you never try the IPO, in the beginning of the year, this might be one of the option for you to participate in IPO market. Currently there are few of them open for application, Good Luck!