Malaysia REIT report – June 2011

The portfolio still generate positive return against FD rate for past 6 months. We received dividend of RM5,211.58 for 6 months of 2011. This dividend is slightly more, as we only received RM4,392 on previous 6 months.

The whole portfolio is starting to generate very stable dividend of slightly more than 10% per year. We also achieved more than 50% return base on original investment amount of RM100,000 since Jun 2009, but this is meaningless since we do not want to sell our shares in next few years.
Our investment purpose is to build a “Portfolio” which able to generate positive dividend / income, and we continue to increase this percentage of return every year. (currently this return rate is 10%, compare to 8.5% since we started)

Together with dividend of RM5,211.58, currently we have total cash of RM9,604.16. As per plan, we wanted to buy some consumer related stock, but we did not do so, as there will be another new REIT counter going to list next month. We keep the cash for now and going to buy this new REIT or maybe some other REIT if they fall in price.


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