Introduce BigPay card, free money for new application

Some time before, I have shared how to get cash back when you purchase online (you may check here if want to know my previous post), today, I will share how to get a Debit Card free of charges (with Malaysia address only, no need go to any bank) plus you will get RM10 for free.

The debit card I mean is: BigPay debit card.

You may ask, what is so special about this card? I already have many debit cards.

In fact, BigPay is not only a Debit Card, but it's also an eWallet , similar to virtual Bank a/c issued by AirAsia Bhd.  You may say, i also have many eWallet, what's so special?  Yes, in Malaysia, you can find a lot of digital wallet, like Tough & Go (by Cimb), Boost (by Axiata), GrabPay (by Grab), Razer Pay and many more.... (Vcash (by Digi) will cease operation after 1 Dec 2019)

There are many of ewallet out there, but the only e-wallet come with plastic Debit Card in the market now is BigPay, where one can use to shop anywhere accept the Master card, including online shopping. Second, many digital wallet you can "Top up" but can not withdraw out your money, some allow to withdraw but come with higher charges. With BigPay, you can remit money to any local bank saving a/c with charges 50 cents only per transfer. All this can be done from App, with RM1,000 each time and maximum RM2,000 per month.

Of course, not only remit to local Bank, now you may also remit to oversea Bank as well with minimum charges (refer to their App for details charges on different country). You may also withdraw money thru any ATM, but I am not recommend to use this method, because the charges is higher at RM6 per transaction or RM10 for overseas ATM, unless in case of need.

Finally, what's the benefit to apply for this debit card?
1. Application is free, not only free, they will give you RM10 (need to put referral code) when you apply thru App.

2. You can save some money if you book AirAsia's ticket online, meal also have some discount (need to book online 48 hours before flight).

3. This is the only e-wallet or Debit Card can use to spend in and outside Malaysia.

4. The currency exchange rate outside Malaysia is better than any other Credit card issue by Bank, because this card do not charge foreign exchange fee, the exchange rate will follow Master Card web site (Master Card Exchange Rate Calculator), no markup charge.

5. You can freely transfer cash to your love one at oversea thru App. (just imagine how nice can top up with your Credit Card, then transfer money thru BigPay)

6. You can use this card to top up other e-wallet, this way will help you earn more BigPay Point.

Last, you will receive email on AirAsia's promotion, Zalora, ShopBack and others promotion code.

AirAsia now put RM10 for anyone apply BigPay, so, why don't grab it first, then you can decide if want to use it or not later. For step to step application, you may Click Here.


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