Limit in Person Contact - Using SETEL app

Never thinking of paying for fuel can be so fun, just sit in the car, open the app, search for pump number, key in the amount, select pay by credit card, then all set. Come out from the car and start to pump. This is the first impression I have when started to use the Setel ePayment app a few weeks ago.
In fact, I have known this Setel app for quite some time, I just don’t feel comfortable using it, since we have so many eWallet around. Until my friend shared some of the benefits, then I feel not bad to have a try, After tried, seem quite good and I like it. Below are some benefit I would like to share if you not yet experience it:

  1. Limit the person’s contact, no need to pay at counter

  2. No need to touch the button on the Petrol Station to key in PIN for credit card as the info already save in app.

  3. Planning ahead before going to the station on how much fuel want to purchase, as the app shows clearly what’s the petrol price for this week.

  4. Have the option to choose to purchase fuel in litter, or by amount.

  5. Have the option to choose top up e-Wallet or pay directly from link credit card.

  6. There will be a payment proof, a e-Receipt send to your email, no need to collect print out receipt (this will save paper as well, and also solve problem of paper ink turn blur)

  7. Link Mesra card for your family members, you can also link the your credit card and pay fuel for them.

So, if you want to try SETEL app and get their free RM5 for the first time, just use the referral code: bd69k and install the app. 


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