Tuesday, December 11, 2018

How to know Foreign Fund Buying or Selling at Bursa?

In the past, one of the way to know if foreign fund buying or selling was from news paper. However, these day, many news paper had do away with this info.

Now, the only way is to read it from Bursa's web site. However, recently these info also not able to view from Bursa's web site.

Hence, right now, the only way is, go to FaceBook,  search for *BursaMarket Place* or BursaMKTPLC, then look for below info, they post it daily on the page:

How to read this table?  From the first glance,  you can know as particular day, who is buying? Be it Foreign Fund, Local Fund or Retailer....  However, the most important thing we want to find out is, the continuous action by Foreign Fund for period of time, for example from last week until today, what's their continue action.... then you will have the clue!

Monday, November 26, 2018

How to Sell or Buy Odd Lot using Cimb iTrade?

How to Sell or Buy Odd Lot by using Cimb iTrade Apps?

Just refer to below print screen:

1. From the iTrade screen, press on the button call "Normal Broad Lot"

2. From the list, select "Normal Odd Lot."

3. Now the screen will show "Normal Odd Lot!" and just key in order to buy or to sell.

P/s:  for web site, just refer to below print screen: